Catering in two halls of the Waide Main House or Catering on the client's premises

Waide lunch buffet
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Waide Lunch Buffet ER 11.30-14-00
The buffet-style lunch is open on weekdays on the second floor of the Main House. the main menu includes 2-3 main dishes and 2-3 additives, plus a selection of salads and sauces. The jug of water and bread is free by the house. The customer can pick up the right food and quantity from the selection, the plate is weighed at checkout and the final price is then determined. Waide lunch buffet costs 1.00 € per 100g of food. By registering an ID card as a loyalty card you get a 10% discount. Additional information from the administrator: + 3727303606.
The menu is new every day and can be followed: P ä and Waide Facebook and ÄPP


Note: Don't disclose any additional personal or payment information in your request