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Seminar service at Waide Motel

Waide Motel has been holding seminars and trainings for 25 years. Based on our long experience we can be a reliable and reliable partner. Waide motel is easy to find, we are located in Tartu County near the city of Elva, on the Tartu-Valga road. Good parking for up to 100 cars.

The Waide Motel has two larger seminar rooms: a fireplace hall and a seminar house.

The seminar house with two group workspaces is ventilated, has plenty of light, has blinds, soft chairs, and the seminar tables can be arranged according to the nature of the training and need.

The seminar room is equipped with: data projector, white screen (wall), wifi, fold-out screen (if required), amplifier, microphones, speakers.
Stationery: white paper, pens, wall paper, flipchart, markers.

Additional services: accommodation, catering, Waide sauna, various cooking workshops / lectures, team games, hiking.

Price of seminar room: 1 day 100 €

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We place the seminar hall according to the wishes of the client:
  • U-shape
  • Classroom
  • Theater style
  • Seminar


Note: Don't disclose any additional personal or payment information in your request