Possibilities in the vicinity: team games in cooperation with Nabakümme OÜ, hiking on Vapramäe-Vellavere-Vitipalu hiking trails in cooperation with SA VVV.

Various excursions (Lake Võrtsjärv, Hellenurme watermill, etc.) in Elva Recreation Area in cooperation with the Recreation Area partners.

The possibility of active engagement of our good partner Nabakümme OÜ in the territory of Waide Motel is for example shooting a bow.
Archery is a sport in which archers hit targets or other targets with a bow.
We provide longbow training and cross-country trail / crossbow hunting.
From U.S:
  • all the equipment you need - bows, arrows, fuses, badges
  • basic training and circling
  • shooting different characters on the practice field or off-road
  • Shooting 3D characters
  • friendly but knowledgeable instructors (in Estonian and English)
We expect you to:
  • at least 6 participants aged 7-117
  • approximately 1.5 hours of free time
  • weather appropriate clothing
  • good mood
The service is provided by partner Priit Viks
For more information and contact: tel. 50 49 643